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Think your ready to take your road test? Get behind a "virtual wheel" and practice for the road test portion of the driving test. You'll know the top reasons new drivers fail their exam, so that you do not make those same mistakes!

  • Learn the Top 5 Reasons for Failing your Road Test.
  • Know the 12 Road Test Driving Manuevers you will be tested.
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What kind of mistakes will cause an automatic failure of the driving test?

Most often, an automatic failure is caused by breaking a traffic law. Some of the more common automatic failures are: Failing to stop completely at a stop sign, Driving To fast for conditions, or Hitting a curb during the three-point turn. During the behind-the-wheel online course you'll learn more about the common mistakes and which driving maneuvers you'll need to practice the most.

How do I control my nerves before a driving test?

Practice - Practice - Practice. Just like any other test, you should be prepared and that means knowing the rules of the road and having the ability to control your car in any situation. You should also understand that the role of the examiner is NOT to give you hints or guide you in any way. The examiner's job is to give you certain driving maneuvers to perform and to record the results. Get a good night's sleep before the driving test and eat a light meal. If you are fully prepared, and have confidence in your own driving abilities, you should do well on the exam. To help you be fully prepared, we recommend completing a driving test simulator course.

I have heard that the driving test examiners are intimating, any advice for dealing with them?

Most examiners are professionals who actually want you to pass your exam. If the examiner seems to be short with you or even rude, remember that it is normally not due to anything you have done; it is not your fault. You can possibly change that examiner's attitude with your attitude toward him or her. This is a topic we cover thoroughly driving the our drivers license practice test course to help you with our confidence when meeting the examiner.

If I fail my driving test, how long do I have to wait before I can take it again?

This depends on the regulations in the state where you take your test. In most states, you can try again the next day. Other states may make you wait a week or more before re-trying the exam. That waiting period is designed to give you more time to practice before taking the test again. The best way to avoid this delay is to practice, become confident in your abilities, and pass the exam the first time.

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Lowest Price Traffic SchoolLowest Price Traffic School and the National Safety Commission are committed to providing the most effective and comprehensive driver education and safety courses. Our objective in developing this behind-the-wheel online course is to provide all first time drivers with the driver safety skills and confidence to pass their driving road test on the first try. We've created an online learning environment that includes behavior modeling, driving manuevers practice tests and feedback to help new drivers reinforce their safe driving skills.

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